Samsung, Bajaj Electronics told to replace Nampally man's TV after delivering defective product

11:00 AM Jan 11, 2023 | Amrutha Kosuru

Hyderabad: Samsung and Bajaj Electronics were found liable by the Hyderabad Consumer Redressal Court for selling a defective television and failing to fix it when it was damaged within a month of purchase.

The court ordered Samsung and Bajaj Electronics to replace the television with a new one, subject to the return of the defective device, pay compensation of Rs. 5,000 for causing mental anguish and engaging in unfair trade practices, and pay Rs. 5,000 for legal expenditures.

Mohd Ashfaq (29) of Nampally, Hyderabad purchased a Samsung television from a Bajaj Electronics store in Abids. The personnel at Bajaj Electronics indicated that the invoice represents the warranty.

A technician delivered and installed the television. Ashfaq had no idea whether the technician had been dispatched by Samsung or Bajaj Electronics. Ashfaq received only a short paper headed "Quick setup guide" and no user manual.

The television worked for a few days before abruptly switching off on 22 July 2021. Ashfaq and his family checked the electricity and cable connections as well as the remote batteries, but the television did not switch on.

Ashfaq contacted Bajaj Electronics. On 24 July 2021, a technician came to the residence but did not repair the TV. The day after that, Ashfaq went to the store with the television. However, without opening the television or inspecting its components, the store executive informed him that the television had been damaged by water and had turned off. He said the repairs would cost Rs. 9,000.

The TV cost Rs. 22,000, and Ashfaq said that it did not work for even a month.

On 26 July 2021, Ashfaq issued a legal notice for selling a damaged television and demanded that they either fix the set or replace it with a new one. Bajaj Electronics responded that there was water damage and that the repair will cost Rs. 9,000.

Ashfaq also said that no water damage occurred because the TV was hung on the wall and there was no adjacent water source. In addition, photographic evidence was presented in court.

According to a written complaint from Samsung, no device is sold without a warranty card or a user manual.

According to Bajaj Electronics, Ashfaq filed the complaint with the malicious goal of harassing them. They said that they have no role to play because Samsung, not them, is accountable for defective products.

The court ruled that the TV was not damaged by water and said blaming each other and avoiding the responsibility to provide after-sales service to the complainant even within one month of the purchase of the product (which will definitely fall under the warranty period, if the warranty card was issued at all) will not benefit the consumer and it amounts to deficiency of service.