Cyberabad police arrest 8 more suspects in human trafficking case

02:24 PM Jan 28, 2023 | Anoushka Williams

Hyderabad: The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of Cyberabad Police apprehended eight more people, including two from Mumbai, suspected of being part of an organised prostitution and human trafficking ring. The gang was procuring women from different parts of India by posting ads on websites and reaching out through call centres and WhatsApp messages. Then, they reached out to the victims and coaxed them into prostitution in hotels and Oyo rooms.

The accused are Mohit Satpal Garg, Zanwar Vishal, Jai Saha from Mumbai, Mohammed Sohail Ahmed, Mohammad Khaleel, Montha Srikanth, Mulla Narsin, and Mehdi Das from Telugu and West Bengal states. According to the Cyberabad Police, "Mohit Satpal Garg and Jai Saha, who operated out of Mumbai, ran a website on which nearly 1,000 victims, mainly from West Bengal, Delhi, and Mumbai were listed. The others arrested were organisers in the city who focused on maintaining contact with existing clients through WhatsApp."

The police seized 31 smartphones, four keypad phones, five laptops, two tablets, one swiping machine, 25 pan, aadhar and bank cards, three bikes, and a car from the accused. "Efforts to apprehend the organisers, prosecute them, and prevent their activities will be continued according to the action plan prepared by the Cyberabad police in the direction of curbing human trafficking and organised prostitution," the police said.