Single shot & single character: Hansika’s ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ out soon

06:46 PM Jan 30, 2023 | Bhavana

Hyderabad: The film ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ starring Hansika is being filmed in a single shot and with a single character. It is written and directed by Raju Dussa and produced by Bommak Shiva under the banner of Rudransh Celluloids. The makers are planning to release the film soon and the trailer will be out in the coming days.

‘One Not Five Minuttess’ is the world’s first movie to be filmed in a single shot and with a single character. The film’s duration is one hour and forty-five minutes and filming for such a duration in a single shot involves meticulous planning and execution.

The film comes under the category of Hollywood films like ‘Bird Man’ and ‘1917’ that was shot using the single-shot technique. But those films have multiple characters whereas ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ has only one character.

Hansika fits perfectly well for this film which is being billed as a psychological thriller made with only one character. As the entire film is a single shot with a single character, she needs to carry the entire film with her screen presence and expressions.

Sam C.S has provided the music for the film. When the director narrated the story, Sam took it up as a challenge and composed the BGM with special care.

The team is planning to release the trailer soon. The film will be released in the coming days.