Prepare for cold start to February as Mercury levels drop in TS districts

05:20 PM Jan 31, 2023 | Newsmeter Network

Hyderabad: The first week of February is likely to start on a cold note as the day temperatures are likely to drop. According to India Meteorological Department’s weather forecast, a trough in the mid-tropospheric westerlies at an altitude of 5.8 km above sea level in the north at about longitude 75°N and latitude 28°N continues which will result in low-level winds blowing mainly from southeast/east towards Telangana state on Tuesday.

The forecast for the next three days predicted dry weather in the state.

The IMD said some north Telangana districts are likely to record minimum temperatures below 15°C (11°–15°C) from Wednesday for the next five days.

From 2 to 9 February, there will be a drop in temperatures due to the cold, strong northern winds. North and west Telangana will see temperatures less than 7-10°C and in other districts, Mercury levels will be less than 9-15°C.

During FEBRUARY 2-9TH, Due To Strong Northerly Cold Winds There Will Be Drop In Temp. Mainly North, West #Telangana Will Witness Upto