Love perfumes? Here are the season’s best fragrances, to wear and gift

11:01 AM Jan 16, 2023 | Bhavana

Hyderabad: Who doesn’t love perfumes? But finding the right one for different occasions is always a challenge. If you are someone who not only likes to wear perfumes but also gifts them to others, then this article on fragrances for various occasions is for you. Matching perfumes with certain occasions and events make as much sense as picking out the perfect attire. Different scents conjure up different emotions and energies, thus setting the mood for your chosen activity.

Date nights

When you are going on a date, it is important to present yourself in such a way that you leave an impression right at the first meeting. A date needs you to be at your very best, making you feel like a million bucks, therefore requiring a captivating, sensuous perfume that makes your partner yearn for more. You can go for sultry saffron, seductive oud, and soft musk for such occasions. If you are not a fan of oud, you can go for fresh citric notes like grapefruit and ambergris or if you are looking for something sweet and spicy, then go for fragrances that have notes of rose, vanilla, tobacco, and cinnamon.

Night out with friends

We know your friends won’t judge you based on the fragrance you choose to wear. So, always choose a unique fragrance that is sure to leave the most exotic trail and last the entire night. Perfumes that can make jaws drop are blends of sandalwood, saffron, and smoky and fruity accords. If you want to be the life of the party then try something decadent and floral or oud to leave a lasting impression even after you have left the dance floor.

Professional gatherings

These are those times when you want to feel confident and receive compliments for your work. A proper blend of potent blends of rose, amber, soft oud, spices, and woods will do the trick. These will ooze sophisticated elegance that is soothing and inviting. At a formal get-together, one should wear a fragrance that exudes confidence and elegance.


Want to stand out at a wedding in your incredible outfit and need a befitting head-turning perfume? Then without a second thought, go for an alluring blend of rose, vanilla, and raspberry blend of perfumes. These last long as the celebrations go late into the night so you need that extra something to accentuate and highlight your outfit. Other great combinations for weddings are musk and rose, sandalwood and saffron, or leather and tobacco blends.

As gifts

While choosing a fragrance to gift, we must keep a few things in mind—it should be crowd-pleasing and long-lasting, and there should be no scope for the receiver to dislike it. In my experience, the notes that I recommend for gifting fragrances are fresh and citric notes. One great combination for gifting is bergamot with muskmelon and ambroxan. Another popular gifting option will be an aldehyde base fruity fragrance which is very crowd-pleasing and long-lasting. Fragrances with aquatic DNA also are a great option.