O Neela with wide lively eyes lined black

12:00 PM Jan 12, 2023 | M Sridhar

Tiruppavai - 19

Tamil Paashuram

Kuthuvilakkeriya-k-kottukkaal Kattil Mel

Methhenra Pancha Sayanathil Meleri

Koththalar Poonkuzhal Nappinnai Kongaiymel

Viththu Kidantha Malar Maarbhavaai Thiravaai!

Maiththadam Kanninnaai, Nee Un Manaalanai

Ethanai Podhum Thuyilezha Vottaai Kaan

Ethanai Yelum Pirivaatrakillaaiyaal

Thathuvamanru Thagav-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 19

Clusters of oil- lamps burning bright,

On a sculpted cot with four-ivory legs,

On cool, white, soft bed of five merits,

On the bosom of Neela with flower- decked plait,

O Krishna, please utter a word at least,

O Neela with wide lively eyes lined black,

Can't you leave Him for a minute, at least?

It is not your nature or character to hold Him so.


Goda is exploring the valour, beauty, and romantic personality of Krishna in this song. Having ivory legs for his very wide cot represents his adventurous and courageous deeds. Those ivory legs were made of the tusks of Kuvalayapeedam sent by Kamsa to kill him. The mattress on that cot was filled with white, soft cotton spreading fragrance. After tiresome deeds, Krishna retires to sleep leaning on the bosom of Neela. At times, it is reverse; Neela relaxes on the broad chest of Narayana. Though she hears the Gopikas' calls for Krishna, she wants to respond to them without disturbing Krishna.