Former Odisha CM Giridhar Gamang, his son Shishir join BRS

09:44 PM Jan 27, 2023 | Newsmeter Network

Telangana: After Andhra Pradesh, Odisha is witnessing a new political coalition. Bharat Rasthra Samithi (BRS) now eyes Odisha after Giridhar Gamang, the former chief minister and nine-term Lok Sabha MP from tribal-dominated Koraput, joined them.

Giridhar and his son Shishir Gamang joined the BRS party on Friday, after the father-son duo quit the BJP on January 25, alleging that they faced 'humiliation' in the saffron party.

Telangana's chief minister, KCR, welcomed leaders of Odisha state who are coming together for a great movement. Other members, including former minister Jayaram Pangi, former Congress MLA of Dhenkanal Naveen Nanda, and Naba Nirman Krushak Sangathan (NNKS) leader Akshay Kumar, also joined the BRS. As a result, Giridhar Gamang will likely lead the BRS in Odisha during the 2024 election.

The other who joined the BRS include..

Addressing the meeting, CM KCR said, "Even after 75 years of independence, compared to other countries, there has not been significant development in our country. Although we have more wealth than America and China, KCR said India's story is different".

He commented that the countries that gained independence after India developed faster and that he wanted the people to win the elections instead of parties and leaders. "We have seen many coloured flags and different governments in the country, but the condition of the poor farmers has not changed. Only 25 percent of the Mahanadi water in Odisha is being used, and the rest is flowing into the sea. The inability to provide proper and good water to the people is a reflection of the current plight of our country. The Centre has not shown any solution to farmers' problems in the country", said KCR.

"That's why I called for Ab Ki Bar Kisan Ki Sarkar. Several leaders have become MLAs and MPs, but this time, the farmers should become MLAs and MPs," KCR opined. 

He criticised the opposition party, saying that the votes were asked in the name of caste and religion. KCR questioned why farmers in Telangana can thrive but not in the rest of the country.

The southern Odisha pockets are dominated mainly by Telugu-speaking people, who are the prime focus of the BRS party.