Andhra Pradesh: After two years, mango yield likely to soar this season

Farmers raise Banginapalli, Rasalu, Totapuri, and Suvarnarekha varieties in Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayawada: For mango lovers in Andhra Pradesh, there is some good news in the coming season. After a gap of two years, this year there might be an above average yield in most parts of the state. Owing to delays in the flowering of mango trees and erratic weather conditions, the quality and quantity of mangoes had reduced in many parts of the state in the last season. Last year, it was only 6–8 tonnes per hectare as against the average of 10–12 tonnes per hectare.

Krishna, Annamayya, Chittoor, and Vizianagaram districts of Andhra Pradesh are home to one of the best mango varieties in the country. They export the fruit to other parts of the country and abroad. Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest producers of mangoes in the country.

If the dry weather continues till April, the yield might be over 12 tonnes per hectare this year in the state, said additional director, horticulture, M. Venkateswarulu.

“Compared to the previous year, the yield will be more this season. The bad weather in December 2022 affected the flowering in some districts and overall, around 60 to 80% of trees have flowered in the season as of now. In Krishna district, fruits are already being seen,” he added.

‘Expecting some sweet returns this year’

Most of the mango growers in the state raise Banginapalli, China Rasalu, Pedda Rasalu, Totapuri, Neelam, and Suvarnarekha varieties. One of the premium varieties from Andhra Pradesh, most suitable for exports, is Benishan or Banginpalli. There is demand for the Suvarnarekha variety also in the global market.

Mango exporters prefer to procure mangoes grown in the Annamayya district citing the high quality of the fruit and demand for the variety in the global market, said Mr. Venkateswarulu.

The quantity of the export of mangoes depends on various factors. The mango growers and traders will get at least 30 to 40% more revenue if their mango produce is exported to foreign countries when compared to the domestic market, said mango exporters.

Andhra Pradesh exported over 1,600 metric tonnes of mangoes (Banginapalli, Rasalu and a few other varieties of the fruits) to different countries in 2019. Covid-19 hit mango export in 2020 and 2021.

“We are expecting the price of the Banginapalli variety to touch at least Rs. 30,000 per tonnes this season. We have incurred losses in the past few years, and we are expecting some sweet returns this year,” said K. Appala Naidu, a mango farmer in Vizianagaram district.


· Mango is grown in an area of over 3.75 lakh hectares in the state with an estimated production of around 45 to 50 lakh tonnes.

· Farmers raise Banginapalli, Rasalu, Totapuri, and Suvarnarekha varieties in Andhra Pradesh.

· Nearly 60 % of the total mango area in AP is under cultivation of the Banginapalli variety.

· Nearly 10% of mango products from AP are exported to other countries.

· Among all, Banginapalli, Rasalu, and Suvarnarekha seem to be in demand from mango lovers.

· Usually, arrivals gain momentum from the second week of April. 

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