ChatGPT is here: Next up, ready for an AI Interview?

IT companies integrate AI interviews into their businesses

 Hyderabad: Some of the most bizarre scenarios that were imagined by the writers in sci-fi movies have come true. Movies like Blade Runner, West World, Star Wars, Star Trek: Generations, and the likes of The Terminator gave us a little glimpse of what an AI-led world would look like. You might even get this weird feeling of Deja-vu if you have watched these movies. Because you are sure to realize that AI is all around us.

Everyday apps and functions that we use like face recognition, smart assistants, voice assistants, chatbots, etc – all using AI just like in the movies. With the recent success of ChatGPT, many organizations' recruitment companies and software or IT Companies like TechDoQuest and others are looking to integrate AI into their businesses. With this, it is safe to say that AI will become an important part of our everyday lives now, more than ever.

May AI Interview You?

All social media apps, virtual meetings, search engines, Siri, Alexa - all the apps you cannot even imagine your life without, use AI. With rapid advancements in the AI space, you will now witness your wildest sci-fi fantasies come to life. But, have you ever imagined getting interviewed by AI? It sounds weird but AI will soon take your interviews rather than a human.

Interviews are very exhausting but now you will have AI looking over your shoulder, technologically analyzing your every move. AI interviews are quickly rising in popularity but how do they work?

AI video interviews are mostly timed interviews where you will be given a certain time frame to answer the questions. The answers are recorded and then flagged as a good fit or not, based on certain criteria. AI analyzes body language, eye contact, tone of voice, choice of words, and the keywords used.

So, how do you prepare and ace an AI-powered interview? Here are hacks to do it your way:

1) Try Recording Yourself

You will be talking to a robot during your interview and it's going to look a lot different than regular human interaction. AI analyzes your answers based on the tone of your voice, choice of words, and body language and it is important to remember that it is a timed interview. So, practicing your answers beforehand is very important. Try to record yourself while answering the questions and focus on the time limit, pace of voice, and body language. All these are crucial factors that decide your fate in the interview. So, practice till you are perfect.

2) Focus on Body Language

AI heavily focuses on body language cues that you send out. So, make sure that you maintain proper eye contact with the webcam, and focus on your posture just as you would in an in-person interview. Keep your smartphone or laptop camera at eye level so that it looks like you are looking at the AI and not at your screen. A smile at the start of your interview when you introduce yourself and a little nodding gesture here and there, go a long way.

3) Answer Succinctly & Include Keywords

As there is no human involved, it is good to skip the small talk and get straight to the point. AI also analyzes the tone and the speed with which you answer the questions. So, maintain a conversational tone and make sure your speed is neither too fast nor slow. Choose words that showcase your confidence and knowledge on the subject. Keywords in your job description are everything. AI especially looks for these keywords in your answers to reach the final decision. It is important to note that AI compares your answers to previous employees who are desirable for the role to answer questions along those lines. Also, avoid going too out of the box, making it difficult for AI to understand what you are implying.

4) Backdrop matters

AI scans the area around you while interviewing you. It makes sense of the area surrounding you and then makes deductions from it. So, it is better to choose a plain and simple white background. Try to choose an area with natural lighting so you are visible to the camera. This will allow AI to focus better and not get too distracted.

(Author: Karishma Chandnani is a content writing intern at TechDoQuest. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect that of NewsMeter.)

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