Get a glimpse of the vibrant sea world at Vizag’s Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Exhibition

01:01 PM Jan 25, 2023 | Sri Lakshmi Muttevi

Visakhapatnam: Did you ever dream of visiting Tunnel Aquarium in Singapore or Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo but couldn’t go? Don’t worry. Now, an underwater tunnel aquarium is being built indigenously in Visakhapatnam.

With 500 varieties of fish, mostly procured from Singapore and Malaysia apart from Kerala where large-scale breeding is done, the Underwater Tunnel Aqua Exhibition is now on the Andhra University ground on Beach Road in Visakhapatnam.

Entering the tunnel is a magical experience as the fish swim around us. Some of the fish include Electric eels, Starfish, and Amazon fish. The shoals are another major attraction. In addition, 44 aquariums have been set up outside the tunnel.

“An additional 500 varieties of fish on display in these aquariums,” said Raja Reddy, the proprietor of the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Exhibition. Built with an estimated cost of Rs. 4.5 crores, the 200-foot-long tunnel can be broken down into eight pieces and carried on eight lorry trailers. While the aquariums in other countries are fixed, the one in Vizag can be moved to different places.

The exhibition also has amusement rides and handloom stalls.

Time: 12 pm–10 pm

Entry Fee: Rs. 100 per person

Video source : Vizag Insight (Instagram page)

Photo source: Harish Polavarapu